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Who owns E Calculator Site?

E Calculator Site is operated by Rishabh Ranjan Jha, a Graduate Student based in India. The website was developed as a fun hobby and also as a personal project.

What is E Calculator Site?

E Calculator Site contains useful calculation tools for every day use. Whether you're looking to work out the compound interest on your savings, to calculate standard deviations or to calculate your BMI. E Calculator Site has tools to help you. Use of all of the calculators is subject to terms and conditions.

Why is there advertising on this website?

The small amount of advertising revenue generated by this website goes towards paying for the hosting, bandwidth and continuous development of the website. The adverts displayed on the website are contextually served by Google.

Your feedback

I always love to hear feedback about my website. Whether you would like to make a suggestion of an extra category of calculators that you would like to see, or whether you have any ideas on how to make the site better for you, please get in contact with me.

Designed and Coded by Rishabh Ranjan Jha

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